Greatest Hits - Foo Fighters User Reviews

  • Victims of Their Own Success

    By anon0mous
    The Foo Fighters are one of the best alternative rock groups ever assembled. They are some of the best musicians to ever grace the planet. And yet, most folks will find this album boring. Why? Because these songs were used in every movie, were played on every radio station, was the theme track to every graduation. The Foo Fighters are victims of their own success. To fully appreciate the catalogue, you would need to give this album time to be forgotten. And then, with a fresh set of ears, enjoy a collection of power ballads that shaped two decades of alternative rock.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    By hggdhnf
  • I’m buying the album where is my car keys

    By waters385
    So awesome
  • Awesome

    By stan_1978
    Kinda pricey though....
  • It’s Great

    By Jeesae4
    I Still Miss Kurt Cobain
  • Awesome

    By @Adix
    Foo Fighters
  • Sade

    By Tony0814
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    By yorury
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  • A Great Way to Start!

    By Brklyn101
    If you're just becoming a Foo Fighters and this album is a great way to get yourself started with their greatest hits. It gives you a little something old and a little something new. If you're looking for an album to rock out with your friends on a cool drive or some sort of vacation then this is it. What song is like times like these learn to fly and all my life you'll be sure to have a rockin time

    By T_sanch
    This is an amazing album. The Pretender is my absolute favorite song by the Foo Fighters. This album is great but I wish DOA was on here!