Greatest Hits - Mötley Crüe User Reviews

  • No “Live Wire” - no sale!

    By BreeInGilbertAZ
    How can they only include ONE song off their awesome debut and it not be “Live Wire” of all things? Then, they throw in remixes of newer unpopular stuff. Sorry, Crüe - you blüe it.👎🏼
  • Amazing Album

    By If6was9-2007
    So many good songs. How are greatest hits album should be done.
  • Love!!!!!

    By Ryanxnicole
    Nostalgia! Back when music was good.
  • All great hits!!

    By TJL2012
  • iTunes Charts have terrible algorithms

    By jxyevxns
    Why is this album this high on the charts when it’s literally got barely any reviews and no one is talking about it. It’s giving so much credit to artist that haven’t accomplished much and not enough to artist who are accomplishing more.
  • Nope

    By fnfnfkbefp
  • Crüe Crüe Crüe

    By Bobobobo598
    To all those alternotrash lovers, hip hop/(c)rap lovers, and anyone else who doesn’t love real party and rebellious music, y’all just missed the Crüetrain. If MTV hadn’t yanked Home Sweet Home it would still be the number one video. From the beginning Motley Crüe took no prisoners and took on all challengers. Just true gritty, rebellious, and excitement. I still remember hearing the fans yell “Crüe, Crüe, Crüe”.
  • LOve Mötley Crüe!!!

    By #Herm52
    This is my favorite album and band!🤟🤟😈👍
  • Fantastic. Amazing. Astounding.

    By Cf2020
    This album is a must-have for huge Mötley Crüe fans. The vocals (Vince Neil) are amazing. All the instruments (Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee) never cease to amaze me. My favourites are Girls, Girls, Girls, Too Fast for Love, Home Sweet Home, Shout at the Devil, and If I Die Tomorrow. PS: If I Die Tomorrow, I’d listen to this album one last time.
  • An 80’s girl from Dale Hollow Lake in TN. V. Daniels

    By Dancingvhild
    Loved Motley Crew! I lived and breathed them in the 80’s.