Greatest Hits - Queen User Reviews

  • Love it

    By lumos312
    Oh my gosh I absolutely love queen
  • We will rock jones/station 37 Stanley Cup champions

    By Eric in Manchester
    Okay enough said

    By best queen fan and lover
    I love queen and his show needs to go on.
  • Queen is THE BOMB

    By SwiftieMoonwalker236
    Queen is one of my favorite bands and this has some of the best music in here! From Another One Bites The Dust to Bohemian Rapshody, Queen shall live on!
  • Must Buy!! Queen #1

    By LiveWire1317
    With the movie coming out this year, it reminded me how great they are!! Had to purchase this album now!! Can’t wait for the movie! So excited now!! Must buy this album or really any of them!
  • Something is missing…

    By SpinalCordPeer
    The original CD "Queen Greatest Hits" had the track "Under Pressure." I own the actual CD, which includes "Under Pressure." I would bye this version, however I would feel as if, something is missing. What a bummer! Why not the iTunes "Queen Greatest Hits?"
  • Really

    By hranma the best
    The audio for we will rock you was bad!
  • Great music

    By bluestreak426
    The bands of the 70’s and 80’s had something that is difficult to find today.
  • beauty

    By Cimantha
    in. it’s. finest.
  • Queen lover

    By PAPDcsi17
    Queen is amazing and Amazing dabs