Greatest Hits - Samantha Fox User Reviews

  • Touch me touch me now

    By @7mag
  • I still remember

    By losingcontro1
    After All these years, the feelings Still there:). God I Love this song!

    By thebig15
    I get the whole message thing but she CANT sing i am the probaly WORST singer out there and even I sing better then her
  • Memories

    By Misspink789
    Some great songs on here super 80's! I was a little girl going around singing touch me and naughty girls need love too lol
  • Samantha fox

    By jenimmo
    Aaaawwww yeah!!! I remember. Like yesterday!!
  • Great, Catchy Dance Pop!

    By simba123
    If you love pop buy this album!
  • Gotta luv it!!!

    By Marty313
    I had this CD years ago. Couldn't stop listening to it. Now I am THRILLED to have it on my Ipod. Her songs and the way she sings them really gets your adrenaline going.
  • Great set of hits but some minor flaws

    By VinnyM27
    I've had this CD for at least 10 years (bought it in the mall, which is fitting considering it's kind of mall music). Nearly all of her hits and singles are here but oddly missing is the Bollywood sounding "Hurt Me..(But The Pants Stay On)" , which should have been a hit but by 1991 and was the much touted single from the "Just One Night" album...other singles/tracks from that album do appear. Also, there are strange edits and remixes. The worst case of this is "Naughty Girls", where they delete some of the exchanges between Sam and Full Force. In general, a fun mix of dance pop, R&B pop and even elements of rock and club music with some very light ballads thrown in. I would recommend but still for an album with this many tracks, you think they would have gotten all the singles.