Greatest Hymns - Selah User Reviews

  • Colossians 3:16

    By 1950steve
    Selah really seems to get this passage! Fresh arrangements of these great old hymns. The personal African touch interspersed throughout is particularly moving. Musically tight and scripture saturated, this album gets my worship started each morning before God's throne.
  • Absolutely Marvelous

    By L. FREE
    I love this album. All of it. I can get into it and listen, or I can play it for background and it doesn't demand of me... It is simply marvelous. I love the way "missions" finds its way into the worship. That also is marvelous. I give it 5 awesomes!
  • All time favorite

    By callmeprincess
    Love this collection from an amazing trio!!
  • Selah greatest hymns

    By Suzeepop
    This cd is the only thing that calmed my mom down before she had her leg amputated.
  • Love it!

    By Caryngarcia
    I purchased this album as a gift for my pastor. I previewed it and then bought it the next day for myself!! I really enjoy the way Selah maintains the melodic integrity of the old hymns while adding modern touches for the younger crowd. My favorite was track 9 By and By. Selah's incorporation of African tones in their music is one of the many reasons I like them. I recommend this cd highly.
  • Worshipful...close your eyes and worship

    By Carlh425
    So amazing and beautiful sweet harmonies of Selah. Love to get their karaoke tracks to sing praises with in the morning. Beautiful!!!
  • Perfect Grace

    By Mictrostar
    I absolutely love the interpretations Selah craft to make the most touching gospel hymns have a newer more profound depth. I sang "In My Life/If We Never Meet Again" at my aunts funeral today and many people did not know who Selah was. Well they know now. Support these wonderful artists in their quests to do God's work and buy their songs. You will not be disappointed in a single cover of any of the songs on this collection. Blessed Be!
  • Old path

    By Old paths
    We must not forget where we came is these songs that that where written long ago from people who had a daily walk and did fear the lord wrote songs of praise not song to please men
  • lifechanging...

    By scl23
    this album has been some of the best worship and lifechanging songs of my life.
  • Beautiful songs and very five star deserving!

    By <3erofmusic
    This album is absolutely wonderful!! Selah sings these very traditional Christian songs in a slightly contemporary way. It just fills your soul to hear these songs performed like this- with passion, intensity and beautiful instrumental accompaniment. One of my all time favorite albums ever! I can't even listen to this at night laying in bed because I want to sing and listen so intently to the songs. Its hard to put down my ipod while listening to these. If you like even one song from this album, buy the whole album and be prepared to buy all the rest of Selah's albums. I can hardly narrow it down to one song, but "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" would be my favorite (it has a beautiful harp accompaniment.)

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