Hail to the Thief - Radiohead User Reviews

  • Checkpoint and Review

    By noahb1
    Basically, this album is everything that came before it, but condensed and re-evaluated with their new styles and ambitions. With that said, it does come across as a bit excessive and inconsistent, but the songs are very well written and if you are a fan of all their previous records then you will have a blast.
  • Ye

    By mgm0628
    It's ok

    By Persephone329
    I almost stoped listening to Radiohead after this album came out. I know they're an aquired taste. Despite my efforts to continually revisit Hail to the Thief, it just doesn't get any better. I really wanted to love it, but this album is too dissonant and whiny and bleak. I realize they are a dark band. I love that about them. Thom is the epitome of melancholy, but sad music doesn't have to be bad music. I would only recommend this to die hard fans.
  • It's got some good

    By Mobile BS
    Just OK
  • Go to sleep

  • Amazing Album

    By THE DOC518
    This band has so many great albums, but as with them all the true test is how it stands up over time and repeated listens. This album is so rich and layered I am still hearing new nuances in the songs over a decade later. I think this is their masterpiece, with the most beautiful vocals of any album Radiohead or otherwise. This might not be the most accessible album of theirs, so perhaps get some other Radiohead albums first, but definitely a must for any lover of rich beautiful, experimental music and any true fan of the band.
  • Completely underrated classic

    By Jopester
    So many great songs. Where to begin? 2+2=5? Still relevant today. A classic.
  • Where I end and you Begin

    By Faunce13
    I'm up in the clouds and I can't come down, I can watch and not take part where I end and where you start.
  • Hail to the Thief - worth it?

    By Bob the Plumber Dude

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