Hang On (The Remixes) - Plumb User Reviews

  • My favorite song too :(

    By OhSoAwesomeSauce
    I love Plumb, and "Hang On" in my favorite song of theirs! But all these remixes sound the exact same. The original version of "Hang On" is still number one for me. This is a bit disappointing.
  • <3

    By magiceffinsteve
    Plumb really knows what's going on in the dance music world. The Digital Dog mix and dub are so so hot. The Dave Aude mix has a nice laid back yet dance feel to it. The Bronleewe & Bose Mix is a nice club banger. The Pete Hammond mix took forever to grow on me. I gues it's cuz i want club music and not 80's inspired mixes of plumb, but nevertheless, i love it now. But this and the mixes of "In My Arms" (P.S. The Kaskade mixes of "In My Arms" will amke you lose your mind)
  • Another beauty by Plumb

    By Wraethu
    Despite her religious leanings, I enjoy Plumb's dance mixes. As long as she keeps the Christianity out and the more generally inspiring lyrics in, I'll keep listening. This is another beautiful song by her. The Dave Aude is my favorite mix but it was close since they're all very good mixes.
  • great mixes

    By dancder84
    the remixes of hang on are cool

    By PanchoVilla178
    Probably one of the most incredible mix albums I have ever listed to. Arrangements are clean and complex, each mix actually sounds like a different song. I have always been a fan of Plumb. But this remix album and Beautiful History just reinforce how talented and special she really is. This a must have for any electronic music fan, and indispensible for a Plumb fan! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  • Tiesto Remix..................

    By MikeGuy75
    The last thing Plumb needs is to be ruined by a Tiesto remix!! Tiesto's days at the top are done...........just check out the newbies on the block!!!!!! Mikey
  • Love the Chorus

    By DanceMusicNow
    This is my first Plumb song purchase. I love the chorus. Mike Andrews Dante's Cove Finale I T U N E S
  • Love it

    By DiscoBellaCinderella
    The lead singer of Plumb brings me back to the remixes of Sarah Mclachlan...full bodied and meloncholy mixed with electronic. Bought all the mixes.
  • Finally another christian hit Remixed

    By Phoenix X
    I am always looking for some good clean and uplifting music to listen to and Plumb has provided another one again. Though few of the artists in the christian genre have provided good dance music, I am always thrilled to see my favorite genres mash together.
  • Hang On

    By MBKian
    It's awsome can't get enough of it...