Hebert Island - William Clark Green User Reviews

  • Great album

    By Elizaloula
    I especially love the title track and Stay. Really excellent album!
  • Great!

    By Drumzsawyerz
    I saw this guy come from playing an empty house @ Midnight Rodeo in Amarillo Texas to all the success he has now. This dude is the real deal ladies and gentleman. Been a fan since the beginning!!! Awesome work on this album!
  • Great country artist

    By Cajuntrucker
    Not quite classic country or even the newer folks like Chris Stapleton or Jamey Johnson that sound like old country but clearly also not this bro country garbage. All his songs tell a story and they are well crafted. No gimmicks or rap or any of that mess. You really won’t get a mediocre album from him. They are all quality from start the finish.
  • Amazing album

    By ChaseB19
    This album reflects an artist’s true hard work and passion. WCG writes all his songs and has never sold out to the pop country sound or record labels. I’ve known he’s the real deal for a while, even been to two of his shows, but with this album he’s just proved to the rest of the world that he’s here to stay. This scene needs to expand outside of Texas, share with your friends and family, you will absolutely not regret it.
  • Doesn’t top his previous albums

    By QBExplosion
    There are plenty of good songs on this album, but I wouldn’t put this album above any of his 4 previous albums. So many love type songs and seemingly out of nowhere. I feel like this could be a Josh Abbott album, and I love WCG because he was the EXACT opposite for the JAB. Maybe this album will grow on me.
  • Quality, Top to Bottom

    By mlucas1970
    This guy is very talented. Someone said it, but it’s worth repeating. The album is solid, top to bottom. Now to see him live!
  • Wow

    By Geebloop
    Good album
  • WCG!

    By JennaB1100
    This album is GOOD. SO GOOD!
  • eh

    By Likes Earner
    I wasn’t really amazed with the album, I think there were alot of things that needed a little tuning up. Though he does have a good voice, he’s sort or lacking that star power that other artists in his genre have.
  • Hebert Island

    By jillbot3000
    OMG WCG is at it again! Loved this album!