High Water I - The Magpie Salute User Reviews

  • Eh

    By doggfatha
    Music ok. The singer does his best CR impression but nothing beats the real thing. Do yourself a favor and listen to the CRB. One of the best bands out there. Chris, Neal, and Adam can play circles around these guys.
  • Sweet Southern Rock

    By GaBraveFan
    Chris who?
  • Roots are bare. Soul is revealed.

    By sessionable
    Great renaissance renewal for many of the greatest soul rockers of the 90’s. Glad Rich is able to thrive again; surrounded by the innumerable talents of Ford and company. So grateful for this record. Feels timeless and immediately relevant.
  • An Absolute Masterpiece!

    By Minkey Beans
    Actual music written and performed by artists/artisans expressing their unique perspective... the question for you, follow listeners - Will you know the mark of true genius, an absolute masterpiece? Well... it’s The Magpie Salute’s HIGH WATER I
  • Loaded with good songs

    By Lame reviewer
    Title of this review is "Loaded with good songs". Why? Because saying "Has SOME good songs" would sell it WAY short. To say "Loaded with GREAT songs" would be overselling it. Accurate description is "LOADED with GOOD songs". In my heart, I miss the other Robinson brother, but my ears are thrilled to hear the magic chemistry of the two GUITAR BROTHERS (Marc & Rich)! Unbelieveble that they wrote & recorder twice as many solid songs (but are holding back the second half for a future release). Very impressive!
  • for the wind

    By TnT Crossbox
    its ok.. I know this is a stupid comment but its just not the Black Crowes..it teases you and then never really gets where I want it to go..
  • Hmmmm....

    By mariojr66
    I hear a mix of Black Stone Cherry and The Black Crowes.
  • Incredible talent

    By Kathidan
    Forget the past incarnations of each member of this band and just enjoy this wonderful music these guys created....well written music and they have a great sound. I don’t think there’s anything out there lately this pure to listen to. Thank you Magpie❣️
  • Sounds Great!

    By satch_boogie
    I stopped listening to the Crowes due to the elder Robinson, and just happened to stumble across this band. They sound fantastic. The song has a lot of soul and grittiness like the Black Crowes used to have. Looking forward to buying this album!
  • Great new music from the Magpie

    By Klincomp
    First single sounds awesome. Cant wait for this album. Keeping the flame alive Rich!