Horowitz: The Last Recording - Vladimir Horowitz User Reviews

  • Master of the Steinway

    By NewLife_Jessy
    I've just finished reading Franz Mohr's "My Life With the Great Pianists." It is an extremely moving look through the eyes of the man that keeps the great ones sounding great. I'm now trying to find all the recordings he mentions in the book. This one, I believe, was actually recorded in Horowitz's home in New York. I also want to find his album "Horowitz at Home." Next on my list is the Van Cliburn recording from Moscow - the first Classical record to go Platinum.
  • Holy Smokes!

    By sadfkl;jsddf
    I can say in all honesty that Vladimir is the greatest recorded pianist of all time, with the potential exception of Rachmaninov. What is even more amazing is that this recording was finished only four days before his death. Who knew that someone so close to the end could play with such precision and passion? I also recceomend some of the older recordings by Horowitz, especially him playing Scriabin.

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