Hosanna (Single) - Selah

Hosanna (Single) - Selah


  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 2009-07-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 2009 Curb Records, Inc.

Hosanna (Single) - Selah Tracks

Hosanna (Single) - Selah User Reviews

  • Hosanna

    By musicdude_77
    I have always like Selah. They keep it fresh. It's good to hear renditions of other people's songs. It is part of the diversity of God our Father's creation. Keep up he good work.
  • To the person who is confused.

    By Truth of the Matter
    The three members of Selah are personal friends of mine, and I just wanted to take a moment to educate the person who said they "stole songs?" Actually, Hosanna was written by Brooke Fraser, and is sung in churches all over the world. Christy is a good friend of theirs, and they loved her version as well. And as for "You Raise Me Up?" They recorded it before Josh Groban and someone played their version for him. He loved it and recorded it, his release coming out before theirs. Finally, "God Bless the Broken Road" was recorded by Melodie Crittenden in the 90's, and while she was a member of the group (Selah) for a year, they decided to re-release it in honor of her recording. Rascal Flatts then recorded it again. So, sorry to rain on your bashing parade, but you missed the mark on that comment. You don't have to like their stuff, but at least try and get your facts right before you speak. I think they are amazing, and am so glad the majority doesn't agree with you! Just wanted you to be informed.
  • Another great job!

    By Cg_619
    Selah does wonderful on this song. Amy Perry especially shows off her talent, belting out lyrics in the background. I never really liked this song until Selah sung it, they really made me think about the lyrics. Can't wait for the new album! As for the Selah basher. We are all brothers and sisters in the faith what's wrong with praising with the same songs?
  • Correction

    By unity-please
    Just for the person who said they ruin songs. They wrote You Raise Me Up so they can perform it however they please. Also Hosanna is not Christy Nockels song, it is Brooke Frasor's and she is the one who rips that song everytime it is sung. Get the facts straight and don't bash fellow people in the faith.
  • WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By mjmsm
    I love Selah and all of their music! I think they have done a GREAT job on this song!!!! Couldn't have done better! Can't wait to get new cd! Wonderful job once again!!!!

    By Neo_One
    Who do I need to speak with to get Selah to QUIT REMAKING other people's songs?! They ruined "You Raise Me Up" and now they are gonna ruin Christy Nockel's "Hosanna!" Leave good songs alone and destroy your own music!

    By valley green
    I am so gratefrul for Selah...their music brings comfort during some dark times in my life and I think they make the world a better place....I listened to their singles on their website and I think the new album will continue on course... May they continue being one the best Christian Groups .....
  • Good song

    By SnowFlorida
    Selah does a nice job with Hosanna. Christy Nockels also released this song on her new album just a couple of weeks ago.

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