Hypnotic Eye - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers User Reviews

  • Great Album

    By leftcoaster46
    I had almost given up on T.P. & The Heartbreakers but this one is a great album from start to finish. Well done, boys.
  • Incredibly generic and stale

    By zombieflu
    Maybe Tom should ask Chris Stapleton for a little help writing and producing quality Rock music. From a long time fan, he has had much better music in the past.
  • Album of the Year

    By Coach Lonster XVIII
    His best album since Wildflowers and even better than the awesome Echo album. Flawless lyrics and Mike Campbell's perfect guitar playing let loose make this an album I'll still be playing in 20 years. Forgotten Man is my favorite.
  • TP and the Heartbreakers classic sound

    By Marjala
    Love the album makes me remember old school Petty sound. Bluesy, southern rock which is what hooked me back in the early days! Bravo!
  • Best work in 20 years

    By joti22
    I absolutely love this album.
  • Wow

    By RAZ)v(aTAZ
    This is old school petty with a twist. Track after track just beats the rock into you. Can't go wrong with Petty. Still looking for the extra track about "you know what"
  • first tom petty cd that i have bought

    By Paradise_City_Kitty
    You will not want to skip any tracks. It's really good. Tom Petty had so many great songs over the years and this whole album is great.
  • The Breakers Still Rock

    By DeBois Family
    What can one say about Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. They still rock and they seem to just keep getting better without selling out. Petty is Mr. Cool and this album once again proves he's the Man
  • boring

    By the who57
  • disappointing.

    By Subsea10k
    Maybe I'll get to liking it after listening to it more. Some albums are like that. Love listening to Petty but am disappointed after first listen.