I Am . . . Sasha Fierce (The Bonus Tracks) - EP - Beyoncé

I Am . . . Sasha Fierce (The Bonus Tracks) - EP - Beyoncé


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-11-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 3

  • ℗ 2008, 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

I Am . . . Sasha Fierce (The Bonus Tracks) - EP - Beyoncé Tracks

I Am . . . Sasha Fierce (The Bonus Tracks) - EP - Beyoncé User Reviews

  • Queen of pop

    By Dbsjajabs
    Lady Gaga!!! You are the QUEEN!!! Keep it up!!!
  • Beyoncé

    By R blade

    By BillMcQuade
    It was nice To Have These Songs On An Ep But What about save the hero
  • G. R. E. A. T.

    By Meeee 143
    I love these bonus songs!!! Beyonce is soo talented and blessed vocally.! I loooove "Why Don't You Love Me"!! It's all just great
  • Stop Hating on bey!

    By Jjdiva0713
    For all of the people who gave her 1 star that's fine, but stop hating and comparing her to other artist who she is probably 10x better than. You just mad because she is prettier and can sing and made it. Can you say that about yourself? I don't think so!
  • This is awesomwe

    By krmusic.
    beyonce and gaga sound so awesome together!!!!!!!
  • Videophone

    By Jrock0625
    One of my favorite songs of 2009
  • Face it, B is Queen

    By Charles2597
    These songs are so amazing and have so much potential. You know when people say that the Deluxe Songs r never as good as the regular songs. Well that dosen't affect I Am Sasha Feirce. Heres a review. Video Phone (Remix) 8/10 - This remix is better than the original because Gaga brings a freshness that the original was lacking. I hope B & Gaga team up again because they made a great duo. Why Don't You Love Me? 9/10 - Not her best song but you can tell she still worked hard on it. Its well done and vocally performed. The lyrics also say that this was a song that was ment to be a fun dance tune. Poison 10/10 - In my opinion this is the best song. The lyrics perfectly match up with the beat. The message is just the simple emotion of love. This song shows a side of Beyonce that she is best at showing. The soft, Lovely side. Overall this is one amazing EP.
  • 🆗

    By Luv it luv it luv it!!!!:]:)
    😒😒😒😒😒😲😲 I don't think it's good or bad But I didn't buy it
  • I love these

    By from pleiades
    I love all these bonus tracks. Not to mention they remind me of my first plane ride. We went to puerto Rico. Good times good times