I Am... World Tour - Beyoncé User Reviews

  • Brutal

    By I love BEYONCE FAN #1
    La vida

    By K_H.98
    Dragged us all
  • This woman is not human

    By NoseCandie
    This is beyonce vocally at her best. Slaying dance moves, vocals, slaying that stage like no other. I don't need the video the audio alone is all I need to get my life... No other artist can compare. She's called queen bey for a reason... When will yo fav?
  • Meh

    By innrwrldsku
    I would be more willing to buy the whole album if she didn't have most of the songs sung by the audience. We buy a live album to hear her, not everyone else sing. If I wanted to hear a bunch of people besides her singing, I'd go to my local bar. And $1.29 for a 50 second song? I don't think so. So I'm sticking with Halo even though I'm disappointed that she doesn't sing all of it. Still a fan though.
  • I love Beyoncé

    By Nini beauty
    I am a very big fan in fact I'm your #1fan.you are my role model and I love blue she is so cute I just love your family but thanks for everything you do and being you i hope one day we will meet.

    By Kated5678
    The queen as always at her finest💙
  • Love this album!

    By Jemma-ann
    By far my favorite if all her albums. Creativity is cutting! Musical genius!
  • It's Beyoncé

    By D-Manzz
    Of course it's Beyoncé she did amazing it's like going into her personal life which everyone knows she doesn't but at the same time it's a concert...it was brilliant!
  • I am...Yonce

    By LotusReality
    I get really tired of people of saying Beyonce is not talented, this live album clearly proves she is more talented and capable than many of her modern day peers. Her voice is strong, her energy is incomparable and she has a style all her own. This is just the audio from one of the many shows from her very successful “I am Tour”. Let me get the bad out of the way. I would have loved to have a live version of “Sweet Dreams”, “Me, Myself and I” and “Scared of Lonely”. She has performed all of these songs on this tour but they didn’t make the cut. I could have honestly done without “At Last” and the pre-recorded vocals for “Baby Boy”. Other than those few disappoints this is the perfect way to spice up your Beyonce playlist. These live versions actually sound better and have more energy than the studio versions. “Radio” is sonically inviting, “Hello” makes me want to be in love , “Single Ladies” almost helps me be ok with being single and “Halo” truly saved me. If you have over played the hell out of “Beyonce” this past week like I have and find yourself wanting more and more and more BEYONCE. This is a great little Christmas gift for you.

    Start to finish, amazing! Vocals, dancing, her band, everything about this tour is great!!