I Kill People - Jon Lajoie User Reviews

  • Jimmymichaelgta5

    By Jimmy almeida
    Love Jon lajoie I love the whole album
  • Hilarious album

    By Good 100088643575
    Great songs. I laugh everytime I listen to these tunes.
  • Really

    By Ajani Gooding
    This dude is not good weird al totally pwns him.
  • Hilarious

    By George536383736
    These are the funniest songs ever the best is slightly irresponsible though it is so awesome and funny especially the end
  • Wow this makes my pp hurt

    By pphurts69hoursaday.
    I have chronic hurting pp. my pp hurtz super bad. Like 69 hourz a day. Wow. This song is super dirty. Like super duper. And super duper dirty. And it'z also is really dirty. It makes my pp hurt. Wow. When my pp hurtz I like 2 cry and eat citrus. I eat citrus cuz citrus makez me eat citrus. Citrus is super good. After hearing this song my pp had a seizure do 2 it'z super epileptic state of ppness. So I are like a whole bowl of citrus. It took me like 69 minutez but it was super good. Daddy my pp hurtz.
  • OMG!!

    By Like_A_Boss133795
    I raised my rod in Egypt and split the red seas By that I mean I had sex with a girl on her period that's right I don't mind ketchup on my hot dog as long as the bun is tight... More coming soon
  • He's done it again!

    By 50-50 man
    Jon Lajoie is amazing!
  • Hilarious

    By Jofngdsfgjsd
    I kill people is still my all time favorite. It's kinda messed up but hilarious:)
  • XD

    By Zavier J.
    Guns dont kill people uh uh i kill people chuk chuk with guns pow!
  • >:I

    By samkillian24

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