III - Hillsong Young & Free User Reviews

  • Amazing Album!

    By Mitchellbowser
    this album is an amazing collection of songs! young & are absolutely maturing and you can definitely see that in this album. some of the songs are fairly forgettable, but most aren’t. there are songs like every little thing and let go that are jams and a lot of fun to listen to. but then there are the real gems of the album - the slower, more meaningful songs. examples are heart of God (plus the gorgeous reprise on selah i) and first love. and then there’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. highs & lows. this song is absolutely incredible, both the instrumentation and the vocal melodies and the vocals themselves and the lyrics and the overall creativity and praise in every inch of this song. I love it so much. at the end of the day this is one of my favorite records of the year and one that I often come back to for relistens.
  • :)

    By Yoyodraw
    It’s beautiful. The inspiration, creativity, lyrics. Thank you for putting new and more intimate language to the Bible and Jesus Christ.
  • Have this on repeat non-stop

    By CWeaver
    I've had this album on non-stop repeat since the day it came out! Really loving it. I'm not really into the EDM-sound, so I couldn't really get with their previous albums, but I appreciate the more varied/mellow sound of this album! Overall, feels like a good blend to me.
  • Go get it Y&F

    By cmt ♥️♥️♥️
    Y'all this is so good. Love Y&F. This album gonna be great That...was before the album came out. This...is after the album came out haha This album definitely has its flaws and its perfections. Like some people have said, it kinda sounds like a UNITED album. But I think that's okay. Y&F is still balancing it out. They have their upbeat songs and their slow songs. I personally like upbeat better, but slow is good too. On every album you have to have a mix. I do agree with another person who wrote a review. Alex Pappas should've led more songs. He sure does have the best voice out of all of them, and he needs to lead more. He does sing background vocals on "Push/Pull", but that doesn't do justice for his voice. AWESOME ALBUM THO!!!!!
  • Just another United

    By CFAdood
    I am a huge Hillsong fan, however, his album could pose as the poster-child for why most people over the age of 40 don't like contemporary praise music. Almost every song is slow, repetitive, and you have got to be kidding me with all the oooooohhhhhOOOOHHHHooohhhOOOOHHHHHoooohhhhhOOOHHHooohhhOOOOHHHHoooohhhh. Two or three songs spread throughout the album would sound awesome, but the WHOLE ALBUM? Really? When I want slow worship music I go for Hillsong Worship and United, not Young and Free, however, that is exactly what they have become, just another United.
  • If you're into the mellow/United sound...

    By Jozee1981
    Definitely sounds like a United album. I know a lot of people like that style but I was hoping for something more energetic. Really miss the era when Hillsong across the board had a good balance between fun & exciting and powerful & worshipful anthems. Like with most of the recent albums I expect that most churches will use a couple of these tracks for a couple of months and move on.
  • You need this

    By joeysgirl72
    I am amazed. This album is packed with lyrics full of life, hope, love, encouragement and truth, all in Jesus. For the times we are living in this couldn't be more necessary! I've been listening to Y & F for several years now but this album has a much stronger maturity in Jesus. I love it like crazy. Listen to it from the first song to the last song in order, there's a beautiful story here 💖.... yes, Jesus loves YOU. This I know!

    By grantbean1
    All of these songs are special in their own way! Each song carries a special message that is relevant to today’s youth and is timeless! A new sound that’s been long awaited!
  • Be different.

    By SanditeRyno
    Love Hillsong but am really tired of every song sounding exactly same same.
  • Good but not so great

    By # I love cars
    just Jesus, love won’t let me down, peace , more of you, and let go are good ones. What happen with the rest.?? I love you guys! You are awesome and have great music. I was so excited for this album to come out but I listen to it for the first time and it was a bust.: you guys are supposed to be fun and cool. In other words, young and free group. You are not the worship team. It is fine to have a couple songs on your album that our worship, but you have several and several is wierd. You need to choose if you want to be the worship team or the super cool group that I love! Please do music just like youth revival! Ur One of my favorite Christian bands. However, you guys let me down on this album😪