III - Hillsong Young & Free User Reviews

  • Beautiful

    By ambeebaby20
    Love all your all’s music... Not everything has to be fast, slow is beautiful too. May God continue to bless y’all in all the music you make and all you do. Keep doing what you do! 😊
  • I love it!! 😍😍😍

    By Jazz7321
    I love the whole album!! Just Jesus, More of You, Every little thing, Love won't let me down! Wow!
  • Amazing !!

    By gemsbysky
    Suns it up🙏😍
  • Pop Album

    By Dc3411
    Was really looking forward to this album only to be let down...These songs don't pull to the heart. I don't get any special feeling with any song!! The fast songs are fun openers but where is the powerful worship music that is going to give people chills and make them feel something! Not your best work Young and Free! We need a live worship album that we can play in our churches for our congregation...NOT some pop album for a fun concert.
  • Love it! But...

    By hb1217
    “Jesus Loves Me” is awful. It’s too cutesy and seems like a cop out. Other than that, I LOVE the album! It’s energetic, the lyrics are passionate and it’s a nice genre change from standard worship music.

    By lozadalg
    Young and Free will continue to carry the torch for Hillsong. Beautiful, Christ filled music that will help connect our younger crowd in praise and worship, and help us older gen's to priase with child like hearts. God bless Y&F!
  • Cassidy Josey

    By sqhoolsucks
    Honestly this album is really good. I dont know why people arent saying they like "Heart Of God," that song is amazing. I heard them sing it live at Motionx and i fell in love with it. The whole album is good.
  • Y&F is so talented they need to be on mainstream radio.

    By Nicka!!!!!
    This album has been speaking to me for the current season I am in. I loved Youth Revival but III is on another level. Great job on this one can’t get enough of Let Go, Just Jesus, Push and Pull , Highs and Lows , Heart Of God, Peace, How Deep Is Your Love, Jesus Loves Me and Every Little Thing. Basically the whole album is clutch. Can’t wait to hear these live !!!!!
  • Knocked it out of the park again!

    By snowmobilejer
    I wonder how long a group can keep going on smacking albums out of the park like they do. It’s unbelievable. Vocal layering done to perfection, instruments perfect, auto tune was used to layer some of my vocals and used very responsibly.. I don’t even know what else to say....
  • Amazing Album!

    By Mitchellbowser
    this album is an amazing collection of songs! young & are absolutely maturing and you can definitely see that in this album. some of the songs are fairly forgettable, but most aren’t. there are songs like every little thing and let go that are jams and a lot of fun to listen to. but then there are the real gems of the album - the slower, more meaningful songs. examples are heart of God (plus the gorgeous reprise on selah i) and first love. and then there’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. highs & lows. this song is absolutely incredible, both the instrumentation and the vocal melodies and the vocals themselves and the lyrics and the overall creativity and praise in every inch of this song. I love it so much. at the end of the day this is one of my favorite records of the year and one that I often come back to for relistens.