Independence Day (Original Soundtrack Recording) - David Arnold User Reviews

  • Great Score

    By TaylorPlayer
    Perfect for the film and outstanding in its own right.
  • Always one of my favorite scores

    By AngiPhone-White
    I bought this CD back in ’96 ….. I still have it and it has to be one of the THE best composed soundtrack for a film. The movie was great and also one of my favorites of all time, but the music just made it that much more enjoyable. Perfect.
  • Very well done and memorable

    By BcnBitz
    Will listen to this any time
  • Great soundtrack

    By Technology for exploration
    Any intelligent American should be able to appreciate and enjoy a good orchestral score over the demoralizing garbage on today's radio. This is one of the great ones.
  • Why Isnt their MORE REVIEWS

    By CannonballBariOwner
    THIS IS A BRILLIANT SCORE, their should be many more reviews. David Arnold never repeated the same theme except for maybe twice. That is insanely hard, trust me, I have Comp. Knowledge
  • a classic soundtrack to a classic movie

    By heerogunkenobi15
    this soundtrack is awesome one of david arnold's best scores david arnold is a god buy this soundtrack you wont be sorry
  • Facinating

    By yippekiyay132
    A very dramatic score that is somewhat moving

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