Ingravitto - Macaco User Reviews

  • Great Album

    By bling103
    This album is great. I love every song. I bought it months ago but I still listen to it constantly. I'm learning Spanish, so i understand about 3/4 of it, but what i do understand has great meaning. 5 stars!
  • Amazing compilation fo songs!

    By Rajeli
    This album is so beautiful because of the different international musical elements that make part of each song. It is worth to have is magical.
  • Mama Tierra only gets 1 star

    By SharksRule
    I got "Mama Tierra" for free a while back. I don't like it. I don't like the chorus. It's annoying. Whoever is singing is not that great either. The only thing I like about this song is the music. If someone else used this music with different lyrics and singer, it might sound good.
  • Que rico!

    By Rube Hayseed
    Very innovative fusion of different Latin styles with emphasis on hip hop and Flamenco. I love this album and if you find yourself a fan of Juanes, Mana, or Shakira then you'll love it too.
  • Mi Espanol no es mucho bueno...

    By Cheryl#12
    I am an American... 40 yrs old... female & I LOVE LOVE LOVE this music!!! Thank you Macaco & company for such a beautiful gift to me. I especially love the song Mama Tierra!!! Muchas Gracias!!! I decided to buy the whole c/d & I'm glad I did. I think this guy is the Hispanic Cee-lo... a lot of the songs remind me of Gnarles barkley... St. Elsewhere... only sung in spanish. I'd give this guy & all the featured artists ten stars if I could!!!
  • wow

    By blugrss frk1
    you can close your eyes but not your ears is right! and i wish i could close my ears.... maybe it's that i don't speak spanish fluently but i don't get it
  • woah

    By good_night_lovely
    I don't speak Spanish but this band is amazing. The sound is beautiful.
  • WOW! It's got such a beautiful tune, and the meaning is powerful.

    By nickmartinez92
    I speak spanish, and the words are so beautiful. It's meaning is true. It has a great rhythm and beat. The singer's voice is easy to listen to. It is one of the best songs to be offered for free. It's definitely worth the purchase.
  • More Great Music from Macaco

    By The Anti-Idol
    I love everything this guy does. His music will make you move yet he remains musically creative where it doesn't sound repetitive like so much of the dance music you hear today. You'll hear many musical elements & styles in his sound arranged in perfect balance.
  • One of the best exports from Spain by far!!!!!!!

    By Magot
    If you liked Manu Chao you'll love MACACO...!!!

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