Invincible - Michael Jackson User Reviews

  • MJ

    By Simone Kwan
    He is really caring.....Simone Kwan
  • Best album in the making.

    By byoung1023
    Michael is life Michael is the moon a Michael is the sunshine Michael is the stars that twinkle at night Michael is my life. Invincible is one of the best albums in the world he’s awesome he’s hot…XD he’s the best person in the whole flipping world better than Elvis Presley. Michael I Wuve u P.S my opinion but if you hate or dislike my boyfriend I will slay u hehe
  • Too Great

    By Larryx69
    This albums is too great, shame it’s so underrated
  • Yas

    By ssssssomebodie
  • K.McKay

    By K.McKay
    I love Michael Jackson his music is so classic and he will forever be loved and missed 1958-forever
  • Don’t listen to all the bad reviews

    By Hurford575
    Michael Jackson is better then Justin Bieber and so does AC/DC, Metallica, Pink Floyd and other cool music that we love
  • Is Mj alive?

    By SelinaS.
    Is Micheal Jackson alive. But how did he make this songs? Tell me anything
  • Bobby Bee on The True King of Pop!

    By Bobby Bee
    Yea I went ahead and bought the last 2 Cds by the King of Pop, and I'm glad I did! Not only will they be Collectors Items but they're GOOD!! We've lost a few artists (QUITE a few) that will/can never be replaced (Prince, Barry, Luther, Whitney come IMMEDIATELY to mind) MJ is right up there with them, a child PRODIGY, that maintained that ...YOUTH throughout his career..Legend - Icon - Michael, we'll miss you.....
  • Invincible

    By Hsjdbdidhdjdod
    The songs in this album are absolutely flawless! Songs like "Cry", "Speechless", "The Lost Children", "Break of dawn", and "You Are My Life" are just HANDS DOWN AMAZING!!!! You really get to hear Michael in this album. It is truly underrated and I don't know why. This one is amazing. Between BOTDF & Invincible....I'd chose invincible. ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love ❤️
  • MJ's Best

    By Kyle Darst
    This is easily Mike's best and most under appreciated album ever. This is better than Thriller or Bad. Every song is amazing on the album. This is an album that you can listen to every song on. No need to skip any songs. Unbreakable- 10/10 Heartbreaker- 8/10 Invincible- 7.5/10 Break of Dawn- 7/10 Heaven Can Wait- 7/10 You Rock My World- 9/10 Butterflies- 8.5/10 Speechless- 8/10 2,000 Watts- 7/10 You Are My Life- 7.5/10 Privacy- 8/10 Don't Walk Away- 9/10 Cry- 7/10 The Lost Children- 7.5/10 Whatever Happens- 7/10 Threatened- 8.5/10

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