Jason Derulo (Special Edition) - EP - Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo (Special Edition) - EP - Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2011-07-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2010 Warner Records Inc.

Jason Derulo (Special Edition) - EP - Jason Derulo Tracks

Jason Derulo (Special Edition) - EP - Jason Derulo User Reviews

  • Anonymous

    By BookMafiaFilms
    Hey! @kentchuchan! Dont hate on jason he sings better than you could ever hope to! Besides he's really a great singer my favorite actually, either you were influenced by your piers, are jealous, or your just a straight up hater!! Nicki has some talent but shes a disrespectful brat! Now dont get me wrong i like nicki but shes definately not what makes this song better!:P
  • Awesome

    By Quicksilver1795
    In my head the remix is better this the real one.
  • Megalitus!

    By emgeerox
    This album is absolutely amazing! Playing it for the 15th time around... Can't get enough of it! Thank you Jason! You're the best!
  • j d

    By j j j b b b
    big fan
  • I really hate Jason Derulo

    By kentchunchan
    I really hate Jason Derulo, he is full of auto-tune crap, Nicki Minaj made his song good! Without Nicki his song is like Rebecca Black's! I just to love to hate you Jason, keep up the good work!
  • :D

    By Tenchman
    I love this :D my favorite has to be In My Head (feat. Nicki Minaj). Love it. Love Derulo! HE IS DEFINATELY HERE TO STAY.
  • Acoustic?

    By Gian eZ
    There's nothing acoustic about this watcha say release
  • NICE!!!!

    By Electric Bird(electropop star)
    I am a huge fan of Jason Derulo. I'm buying it!!!
  • much better than remix eps

    By LeeReader
    This is a good best remixes hit list Strobelight- 7/10 Good pop track like always In My Head Minaj- Derulo 9/10 Great, like before, Minaj, 8/10 her old kind of rap(some of Monster, with some of Pink Friday. the others are average remixes, which I normally don't buy Acoustics are almost just like originals.

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