• Great

    By Sister Anna
    Thunderclouds is just great! Fresh, different sound....too early for a song of summer!
  • So fresh

    By workroom
    it just makes me happy... love the incredibly unique mix of talents and sounds in this
  • Thumbs down!

    By Sticker request
    No, please no....
  • Great album

    By Gil.burrito
    This album has been one of those albums I didn’t think I wanted and then it came it out and I love it! Even tho most songs were released as singles everything is tied wonderfully together- each song kinda weaves itself to the next (except for the remix of genius) overall I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is looking for new music to blast at any scenario
  • A whimsical wonder for the ears

    By Swiftswipe
    I dare say this is the most colorful album I’ve ever heard. It’s the most interesting album of the years so far for me 🌈⚡️🍭🦄
  • Forgettable

    By Stephanie wangler
    Diplo is a “star” on the decline and who the heck is Labrinth? Sia is the only star here and she is seriously doing her songwriting, voice and reputation a disservice. None of the tracks are memorable and like others have written, the album is super childish. Wait until the remixes hit, I bet they’re better than the originals. It’s a nope from em dawg.
  • What happened to Sia 😔😥!?

    By AriStan10203
    I used to absolutely LOVE Sia’s songs. Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and others. But when I saw GENIUS, THUNDERCLOUDS, and the all of the other songs, I was disappointed. But, I have to be honest some songs in here were a little catchy! But Sia, please read this, where did my old Sia go? I loved those songs like, Ho Ho Ho, and more! Just, what happened...? If you are still reading this, don’t @ me and have a nice day!
  • I think this is really, really, good.

    By Mavnick
    I'm so glad that they created lsd music that I actually like. This is way better than that stupid echo burp lsd trip.
  • LSD

    By lost in deep playa
    Lame Sad Disconnected
  • 𝔒𝔫 𝔣𝔦𝔯𝔢 ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

    By DeltaJROD
    Ꭵ ᎪbsᎾᏞuᏆᎽ ᏞᎾᏉᎬ ᏆhᎥs sᎾᏁᎶ. Ꭵ ᏞᎥsᏆᎬᏁ ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎥs sᎾᏁᎶ 24/7, 5 sᏆᎪᏒs!!!!!!