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  • Horrible

    By Mr. LeviMoore
    I don't know what to say, this is horrible. The bass line doesn't sound good, bouncing back and forth, with the acoustic guitar panned to only one ear, completely. Too old school for me. 'Never Been to Spain' has bad background singers, with bad drums, that are doing a bad, old school beat, panned to one ear, with the guitar, completely. The electric guitar is panned to another ear. The steel guitar is panned to the same ear as the drums and acoustic guitar, and all of this shouldn't be going on. All I can say, I don't think that he mixed down the music good. 'Revelation' has a nylon string guitar being played, which doesn't sound good for this song. This song be the best, I'm not sure. I think Joe Nichols also sings this song. The drums are panned to one ear, the nylon picking, the electric guitar, panned to another, completely, then horrible background singers. Bad. 'Thanks' has something that sounds like clapping from a drum machine, I think it is. The aocustic guitar is panned to one ear, the drums and tamborine sound horrible. His voice sounds horrible on this album also. The background singers are panned to one ear. 'Sure Didn't Take Him Long' is better, but still not good at all. The steel guitar is completely on one side, which it should be mosty, not completely. The acoustic guitars don't sound good with the drums either. 'Crazy Arms' has the drums panned to one side completely again. The electric guitar is panned to the same ear, then goes to the next. The bass is horrible. You can't even hear an acoustic guitar. There is a fiddle, that is horrible. 'Delta Dawn' has bad background singers, that are mixed way too loud and completely are louder than everything, even the singer's voice, which is for every background singer song on this album. The electric gutiars are panned to one ear, completely. The acoustic guitar is panned to the other, completely. The verse is boring, because nothing is happening. 'Frisco Depot (San Francisco Depot) is too slow for me, with the nylon string guitar completely panned to one side, with the drums in the middle, finally. The acoustic guitar is panned to the other ear as the nylon stringed one. The background singers are lower on the mix, finally. 'Under Your Spell Again' is horrible, and Jessi Colter actually sounds better than Waylon Jennings, himself. Bad bass line again, with the guitar slow electric gutiar panned to one side, completely. Same with the acosutic gutiar. The dobro is panned to the other side. The drums, which are smack in the middle, don't play during the verse. Finally, there's 'I Think It's Time She Learned', the best song on this album. There is still a lot wrong with it, though. Stuff isn't just on seperate sides anymore, except for the acoustic guitar. Drum machines again, though. The steel guitars sound too weird and awkward, and are too loud on the mix. So this album wasn't my favorite, because of the panning and old school sounds. I disliked it a lot, and couldn't enjoy it. The best songs was the last song I reviewed. Okay.
  • Ladies Love Waylon

    By poodlemama9
    Love this song and would love to get a video. There are three verses in the copy I have.

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