Last of a Dyin' Breed (Special Edition) - Lynyrd Skynyrd User Reviews

  • Lost their way

    By kansasman
    This sounds nothing like Lynyrd Skynyrd get back to the honky tonkin working for MCA needle and the spoon sound that made y'all famous .Good music but just not skyunyrd
  • Ew

    By Intro puke passion e
    I wouldn't use this CD to clean up my dog crap in the backyard that would be an insult to the crap this CD is worse then the prep for a colonoscopy
  • The Mpls Vampire

    By Spirit Rider
    Thank you Uncle Eddie your niece I luv all you flying fools!
  • Pure Trash

    By bronxstylejames
    Once again, Lynyrd Skynyrd ended in 1977..period, Garbage.
  • disappointed

    I was so excited for a minute when I realized that Lynyrd Skynard had a new CD...This is not what I was expecting.....:(
  • Good Music

    By Kaptin58
    I love all the old farts on here. It ain't skynard I new in the 70's. Of coarse not. Nobody said it would be. It's good country rock with some blues mixed it. Best Album of the new Skynyrd
  • Nothing like Skynyrd

    By svp127
    This sounds nothing like the original Skynyrd the band should have quit after Ronnie, Steve, and Cassie passed away. This is a terrible and sounds like country Nickelback.
  • Trash

    By asdfsfsdfsfs
    Bunch of Nickelback B.S.
  • No Dyin' Breed here!

    By Coolieo kid7894
    Diehard Skynyrd fans like me have been holding on to the memories of the band at it finest, culminating with Street Survivors. It has taken a long, long, time....but the old sound is finally back...from the dual lead guitars and hook-laden riffs in "Good Teacher" and "Homegrown", to the arena-ready ballad that builds to a crescendo in "Ready to Fly", this album brings the band back home....the bonus track "Sad Song" is an absolute gem that would make Ronnie very proud.....Skynryd fans, it's time to download!
  • Last of a dyin breed

    By Tele63
    Great cd. You can't live inthe 70s forever

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