Let Me Be Me - Cheryl Pepsii Riley User Reviews

  • Must Have!!

    By soinfinite
    If you love mature, adult-oriented music that delivers, then this album is it!! I've loved her music since "Thanks for my Child." This album, in my opinion, is one of her best, and it never disappoints! From beginning to end, this album you will enjoy!!
  • my girl

    By sexxii76
    This album is great. I am also trying to find her song Thanks For My Child- (The Confrontation). If itunes could get that song I would be soooo thankful.

    By brittany kay
    Cheryl is the real deal. She has a great voice and talent that you just don't see too often. I really do love every song on the album. I can't wait for her to hit us with another great album. If i could, I'd give this cd 1 million stars!!! REALLY!
  • **Best album I own!!!**

    By Shi~
    Cheryl Pepsii Riley's music is outstandingly soulful. She's got a style that you can't find anywhere else these days. She's extremely talented and her talent is real, not created like so many other artists today. She's an amazing women and I give her music the utmost respect. 100 STARS!!! FUREAL! haha! BUY THE ALBUM!!!

    By Manelee Arnbee
    Think what you want to about today's newer RnB artist, they're rich, they're talented, and very skillful in the pursuit of there craft,.........OK, they're rich. The other two points become increasingly questionable once you've absorbed Mrs. Riley's latest endeavor to continue the art of what an RnB album is TRULY SUPPOSED TO BE! Don't get me wrong, I still love alot of today's artist, but wish they would focus more like Cheryl on they're craft instead of the money, atleast not all the time. Get this cd, you won't regret it. Loved every song on it! Thank You Cheryl!
  • Let Me Be Me

    By dewan
    What a great album!!!!!!!!!! You really put your foot in this album!!!. I love all of the songs. Great vocals!!!! I give you 10 starssssssssssss. Girl do your thang!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pepsii-nomenal

    By JOJOontheGO!
    Cheryl Pepsii Riley, from Tyler Perry plays fame, has done it...again. After years of working on stage she comes out with a phenomenal (pepsii-nomenal) cd. I love her particular solos's in Madea's Class Reunion & Madea Goes To Jail. She's blessed with a gift from God and knows how to use it. I give her 5 stars because I'm tired of listening to the play soundtracks to hear her sing me to God... and has finally made it on her own, once again.
  • Let Me be me

    By MsMoore75
    I really liked the album has a smooth jazzy feel to it
  • girlfriends got it going on

    By Haaseline
    my wife and i just think this girl is the real deal...she sings about love,loving,strength and she is a very blessed individual...who gives all her praise to one above....if haven't heard her..its time to make a change...switch from coke to PEPSI!!!! You will not regret,,and check out her acting chops...its the full package.....outstanding!!!
  • Its About time!!!!

    By The Franchise
    I have always said that Pepsii is one of thee most underated singers. After hearing this CD I can truly say its her time!!! When i heard the title song "Let me be me" I was hooked! This CD is so diffrent than what you are hearing on the radio each day its truly a breath of fresh air. I am now sitting in anticipation of her next project. Buy it, Press Play and leave it alone!!

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