Let There Be Light (Deluxe) - Hillsong Worship User Reviews

  • What a beautiful, powerful and glorious song!

    By Holly Hale
    Bought this song, "What a Beautiful Name", after listening to it on a local radio station. It has a lovely, stirring, melody and I easily give it 5stars.
  • Amazing

    By german&american
    This group has some of the best Christian music ever. Their songs are riveting and powerful. On What A Beautiful Name: You have no rival, you have no equal, now and forever God you reign. Yours is the kingdom, yours is the glory, yours is the name above all names. All of these songs SOUND superb, but there's a bit of a lyrical issue with "Your Word". Hillsong Worship is a charismatic group, meaning they believe that believers receive the Spirit after a second blessing. "Your Word" is about experiencing the second blessing. If you aren't charismatic, I'd watch out for that song, but other than that, the songs are theologically accurate. My favorites are all of them. I can't choose xD
  • I felt injustice hitting 5 stars

    By scottmercer86
    Is there a way to put an exclamation on 5 stars. One of the top 5 albums of all time in my humble opinion. Brilliant!
  • Great worship

    By Rae Ann del rey
    I found out about these songs in my church youth group and now I listen to this album daily, it has helped me in so many ways when listening to these song I do feel a connection with god. Absolutely love this album
  • Crowns

    By funathome
    Stuck on repeat for days on end. I just cannot get enough of this one.
  • Powerful!

    By Hanna Putnam
    Some of the most beautiful, moving, uplifting, powerful songs I've ever heard. This album has reached the core of my soul. You are favored
  • Wonderful

    By archftw
    Amazing worship! Good for the soul 🙌🏻
  • Breathtaking

    By Jenna_j73
    Absolutely love the passion and emotion that was put into this in incredible album. Hillsong never fails to amaze!!
  • Amazing Album

    By thejoepena
    It just keeps getting better! Rich and Gospel saturated. Lots of songs that are very doable for Church worship services. Love Hillsong Church & all the music they gift the world with.

    By ronnysison
    YES!!!!! LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! I play it every morning on my way to work! I do not know what my life would be without Passion Band and Hillsong!!! SO NEEDED!!! AMAZING!

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