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  • Awful!

    By Al Tilley The Bum
    A friend at my trade school told the school’s Amazon Alexa to play I think it was Gucci Gang if I remember correctly, and when it came on, I instantly hated it. All he does is scream. I’m not surprised to see all of the negative reviews on here. Don’t listen to this horrid dreck!
  • Mumble Gang

    By Musics biggest thing.
  • 🤑🅱️

    By Mitchw99
    He’s always just happy and hyped me up every time I listen to him
  • Trump

    By TylerRay!
    “Sounds good, doesn’t work”
  • Lil Dump!

    By loganpaulerandjakepauler
    Admit it his music is awful, it doesn’t make sense. And is bragging, you have the rights to brag when you can not play the real rap game like that. That’s just sad.
  • It’s got good song

    By LIL squeakertppp
    And bad ones
  • You are prty trash

    By amsasasasasa
    Bro do u no de way🎃
  • Trash

    By Grexgamer1234
    I remember when rap actually had meaning now it’s just kids who’ve sniffed to much glue in the restroom and acting like they’re a gangster this is a living example of those kids
  • 🚮 person me this album trash

    By Thug life 2020
    That’s what I will do if I get a song lil pump
  • Piece of trash 🚮🚮

    By long_d69
    Worthless album ever!! I don’t get how people this this is fire when all he does is repeat the same words and mumble 🚮🤔

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