Little Jumping Gene - Paul Austin Kelly

Little Jumping Gene - Paul Austin Kelly

Paul Austin Kelly

  • Genre: Children's Music
  • Release Date: 2008-11-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

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Little Jumping Gene - Paul Austin Kelly Lyrics

So Leona claims that her child was kind and loving and happy and carefree before they met Root.. eh?

Shared Psychosis. (Melady P. - 2016)
Trauma Bonding. (Leona H. - April 2018)
Arcturian Vibes (DCTRL - December 2017)
Bodhisattva (Granville Island - December 2017)

4:44 PM we could just leave it there.

i take *one step*, i move *one inch*, i make *one tiny sound* out in the general direction of the populace and i am met with gender. not the euphoric type, the kind of body consciousness that reunites me with my inherent divinity, my personal connection to all that is, the sweet decadence of solitude. it’s more of a fumble-y bumbling variety of knocking into things, a bull in a china shop of linguistic antiques. there are so many possibilities when it comes to gender, so many palettes to choose from.. can you blame some for only using the classic primary reds, yellows and blues..?

i know myself. before my own or any others description. but then you say, “why does this matter?” in all of the things that you could occupy your time with, why this? why gender?

and then i would tell you that you’re missing the point. you’re missing what i’m actually getting at, which is identity, a topic as deep as any ocean and then some.

The topic of ‘identity’ that gets infinitely more complex when you introduce ‘family’. Perhaps another way of saying, ‘loyalty’. Root. Say the name a thousand times and we still won’t get to the bottom of it. Everything comes into frame. It all becomes clear, the phone pixels begin to vibrate in a mesmerizing rainbow glow.

Crystals. Technology. Futurism. Root.

Leona. Sean. List names until it all comes together. How am i supposed to connect when i am tethered at the hip to this spider.

Dan Harmon. Justin Roiland.



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