Live At Wrigley Field - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Epic Album!

    By Nightlistic
    I own every single DMB Live, and Live Track Album, and no matter how many times I hear the same song sung it always feel unique with the way Dave adds extra lyrics to some. DMB Live albums are an adventure, party, and experience that makes you fee like part of the audiance when listening. If you've ever been to one of their concerts, and I've been to two. That's part of the draw of DMB Live, and you could make a playlist of all the exact same live song of say "Bartender", and it will be different. Thats what I love about DMB!!
  • Best Live Album

    By Rob R 3
    There are what seems like hundreds of live Dmb albums- I have to say I listen to this one twice as much as any other but every single one is unique in its own way making them all GREAT!!!

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