Live in Houston 1981: Escape Tour - Journey User Reviews


    By Everything In the World
    This is great, if you want to here journey live this is what you buy! There escape tour Huston show comes directly from theirs hay day and they play the songs incredibly, plus you get THREE band member solos!!! We're can you go wrong?????
  • Journey Sweet and Simple

    By Dave Slade
    Journey remains in a league of their own. Here are performances recorded during the Escape tour and then later used for MTV. These recordings are without all of the special auto-tune ajdustments that most lip-synching artists must use today. It was the best of times, and long before the record industry decided to kill itself with a 'burn'em and churn'em' creed of greed. Long live Rock and Roll!

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23 August 2019
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The Journey - Hampton
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