Live Life Loud - Hawk Nelson User Reviews

  • Not bad, but not good enough.

    By BrianSwaldi
    There's nothing weirder than the paradox of the emo Christian band. You've got very immature emotions and angst about everything, but you know that you want to sing to, and about, God. It's like a talent show at a youth Christian camp. This album is catchy, but snot nosed. Add in the Christian spin and it's the worst offspring of the Blink 182 era. At their best, they remind me of a poor man's Green Day, but often trite and cloying. There's nothing too bad on here, just not much worth keeping. The stats are pretty weak. Almost all the songs are 2 stars. It makes them hard to get rid of even though you want to. Like an STD or glitter. There's two 3 star songs in Ode to Lord Stanley and The Job. You can't really go wrong with a Ukulele. There's four 2 star songs worth keeping and the rest are throwaways.
  • Great

    By parkjsibe
    This is my favorite Hawk Nelson CD. My favorite song is either Long Ago or Tis So Sweet.

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