Live Trax Vol. 18: Virginia Beach Amphitheater - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Finally this show is up!

    By kishy214
    This is a Live Trax album iTunes has desperately needed. I've had it through DMB's store for a while, but iTunes was in dire need of this. Quick comments: - One of the tightest representations of their Crash-era sound - Carter is ON FIRE this whole show, it's especially noticeable in #41, Drive In, Jimi Thing, and his #36 intro solo - Roi is absolutely NASTY this show, his licks are insane and some just make you wonder how he thinks of this amazing stuff - The production is very concert-esque. Like you're there. Roi's sax has a lot of reverb to it, and the drums (especially the snare) don't sound as choked as they do on some other recordings from this period - Davespeak. Very very much Davespeak in this one.

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