Live Trax Vol. 2: Golden Gate Park - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • guys… This is it.

    By RoyalWaste
    Fall, 2004, my mother was at this show when Santana appeared on stage. This Volume, while not perfect, sets perfection to a few DMB songs that are a must have. I REPEAT, buy these songs… now, please!! 2. What Would You Say 4/5, 3. So Much to Say 4/5, 6. #41 [[notes: The best Dave MATTHEWS BAND SONG EVER]] 10/5, 6. The Best of What’s Around 4/5, 14. Jimi Thing 5/5, 18. Stay (Wasting Time) 4.5/5, 20. Too Much 5/5. Heed my warning ;), this CD is brutal.
  • Top Five

    By Desmond815
    Defintely one of my top five fav live recordings. The version of Drive In, Drive Out is one of the best I've heard. The Stone kills it, the energy in this show is just awesome.
  • Great Experience

    By The Viking01
    I was lucky enough to be at this show and hands down the band was in sync from the start to the end. Adding Carlos Santana to the mix only made it better. I bought the live trax cd years ago as a gift for my brother-in-law and myself. well worth it when you have a part of a live show you were at.
  • Thank you for fixing Sugar Will!

    By dannyyankou
    One of my favorite live albums by the band ever. Carlos Santana!
  • Sugar Will

    By Song Rater
    Yeah....wish I would have read the reviews. My bad for assuming Sugar WIll would actually be Sugar Will. Fix it iTunes thats not right at all.
  • WOW!

    By cris_cal
    About time they released it on iTunes! I was at that concert and it was an incredible experience.... GREAT!
  • Sugar Will is missing!

    By DmjInMt
    I love this album with the one exception that where Sugar Will should be, it's just a duplicated track of All Along The Watchtower. As I wanted the entire album, I just purchased the one track from the DMB website... Other than that, it's great! Santana is a guest on a few tracks, and there is a great Bush-bashing scat on Jimi Thing :) And I love the Anyone Seen the Bridge segue right into PNP, hadn't heard that one before. Drive In Drive Out is a beast as usual. Great release.
  • Sugar Will

    By Robert Mauldin
    Great album for sure, but track 16, Sugar Will, is a repeat of track 17, All Along the Watchtower. This album available elsewhere actually contains the song Sugar Will, but iTunes messed up somehow. They have been alerted to this and they said they will investigate the matter, but wouldn't say they'd fix it. So be aware, this version of this album DOES NOT contain the song Sugar Will.
  • This Show

    By Greyants41
    is AMAZING. One of my favorites. Warehouse through Watchtower features CARLOS SANTANA!!! He plays some unreal jams with the band. Too Much has one of the most energetic outros ever. #41/LIOG has some great jams as well. Jimi Thing has a funny/great scat in it. Def worth buying.
  • Alex Grandy

    By alexgrandy
    I love you

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