Live Trax Vol. 3: Meadows Music Theatre - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Outstanding

    By Durdanj
    The lineup is great, the musical improv, that which we have all come to love from Dave, is outstanding, and it is the best version of Seek Up I have ever heard. I dare anyone to listen to this version of Seek Up, whether DMB fan or hater, and tell me it is not an absolute gem. A must in your library if you are a Dave Fan.
  • Outstanding!!

    By Sonardog
    Ive been a long time DM fan and own alot of his live music.. This line up is outstanding.. The band is tight and the selection is different then the other live releases.. All his live music is outstanding but this one has become my favorite!! Seek Up and, Linus and Lucy are a great DMB combination!! A must in your DMB collection!!

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