Live Trax Vol. 5: Meadow Brook Music Festival - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Great album

    By DMB is genius
    This album holds a special place in my heart as it was my first DMB show. Great lineup of classic Dave songs. Watchtower is such a great cover and two step is a brilliant song. My first show and will be at my 20th show next month.
  • Great Lineup

    By Jacon8bacon
    This is a great album for both new and old Dave fans. Songs like Two Step, Ants Marching, and Warehouse are all songs that are somewhat known but very good and if they are in an album, buy it. Every version of Two Step is different at each venue and each needs to be heard in all of its majesty. Dancing Nancies is one of my all time favorite DMB songs and that alone deserves a purchase of this album. Also, nothing can be said of Exodus. The only version out there, and it is truly amazing. An extremely unique Dave song completely unknown to Dave fans. There's a reason it is an album only purchase, because of its uniqueness and rarity. Then of course any album closed by All Along the Watchtower is a great show. Anytime this is played in concert the crowd goes wild. They perform a great cover of the classic Hendrix piece and it tops off this already fantastic lineup. This album is a must buy for any new Dave fan that wants to hear some hidden jems and not all the known songs on other albums. There are of course the well-known ones that will help ease a new Dave fan in as well. This is a good mix of the known and unknown DMB songs and makes it one of the best live Dave albums.

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