Live Trax Vol. 8: Alpine Valley Music Theatre - Dave Matthews Band User Reviews

  • Sugar Will

    By rebel mom
    In search of more recordings of Sugar Will led me to this album. The more I listen to it the more I miss Butch Taylor and what he added. Listening on my Beats headphones just makes it so much better! I'm picking up so much more. Stefan's bass comes out even more :) Definitely a great show! I wish I had been there!
  • One of the best ever!!

    I was here with my ex wife and it was so good that it's the only thing I wanna remember sharing with her only behind the births of our two beautiful children Micah and Emily!! Amazing!!
  • Great

    By Bilva418
    I was at this concert and it was amazing!!!
  • Love it!

    By tonyk
    The show gets a dedication to Rick James. That doesn't get any better! "Granny" and "The Stone" are stellar for sure too!

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