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  • One of the Kink's Best Albums

    By Vinylhead2
    I am a new fan of the Kinks. I picked up a lot of their albums at a flea market for $15, and it was money well spent. I got Lola v. Powerman, Arthur, Buswell Hillbillies, and Village Green. In my opinion, these are the best albums. Arthur is probably the best all around album but this is a close 2nd. Everyone thinks of Lola, a timeless song, but there are a lot of other really good songs on this album.
  • Great record and winner of the All Time Worst Album Title

    By hsevush
    After the kinks invented power rock with "You Really Got Me" and "All of the Day and All of the Night"; and after they established Ray Davies lyrical abilities with social satires like "A Well Respected Man","Sunny Afternnon" & "Dedicated Follower of Fashion"; and after they had fallen out of fashion while creating some of the best and earliest thematic song cycle albums in rock "The Village Green Preservation Society" and "Arthur", and after they created one of the great unknown songs in pop history "Waterloo Sunset"; the Davies' brothers, Ray and Dave, made one of the finest records I've ever heard, featuring an unforgetable smash hit single (their first in years) "Lola", one of the best gender bender ditties of all times and a song so good it sounds inevitable. The rest of the record features great songs about work, money, power, the music business and running around the jungle eating bananas. Every cut is pure pop brilliance and the lyrics would do Cole Porter proud. "It's Top of the Pops."
  • Such a great album!

    By mxraft
  • The Kinks in all their splendor

    By IanL94
    Classic music. This album was well written and definitely performed in the same manner. And of course, the iconic "Lola" can't go without mention. Excellent album.

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