Love Is Like Drugs - JonTron & The Gregory Brothers User Reviews

  • Beautiful

    By chickenboss37
    I really like SDGAF and Love Is Like Being On Drugs
  • YES

    By Ahoykatieee
    Jon is so talented! Not only are these songs funny, they are composed beautifully. He should sing more often!
  • I have literally been waiting my lifetime for this

    By AriTwist
    I have loved Schmoyoho since I first discovered AutoTune the News, and now collabing with the amazing JonTron! What can I even say besides I wish I could buy this album multiple times! fact I may impose it on my friends because it's just that great. When I saw the video for Being In Love Is Like Being On Drugs, I was DONE with the day. So happy. Much excite. New Favorite Song (sorry Titenic, you have been bumped down) <3 <3 <3 I DEMAND MORE COLLABS. Also, Jon, your voice is perfect! Like... like an angel's kiss :*
  • Jon's Voice is a Blessing

    By emyannk
    I honestly can't stop smiling when I listen to this album, it's just?? So perfect, this music brought back my will to live.
  • Finally!!

    By Dudeeeee1
  • The best

    By Phazing 97
    It's this. Simple as that.
  • Ech

    By LolXDlolXD1235
    This album is the musical work of gods. 10/9 pepperonis
  • Sabrina, I'm So Sorry

    By The Dankest Rice
    Jon has reminded me what love truly is, and for that I am eternally endebted to him.
  • Yes!!

    By Seth a fan
    Anything with JonTron involved is great!
  • A Masterpiece

    By Wackjaw
    Best album 2016.

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