Love Songs - Drew Jacobs User Reviews

  • Drew Jacobs is amazing

    By Hairpro11
    From his first EP, first full Album and a second EP this song/songwriter is flying up the charts in just over a year! I started following Drew when he released his first song... now over 27,000 followers later on Facebook, his first sold out show and a personality and business sense that won't quit... you are sure to want to jump on the #drewcrew ! It is an amazing place to be! The music is phenomenal ❤️
  • Yes!!!

    By Alexys96
    Absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend for any music fan in your life!!
  • Love it

    By Shorty070712
  • Love!!

    By blonde_EMT
    Love love love Drew! His music has definitely gotten me through so long nights! Love this album!
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By anna marie ❤️
    Drew Jacobs is amazing love you!!!
  • He does it again

    By SwiggitySw0oty
    Excellent music that anyone can enjoy. Those who like romantic songs with especially appreciate this one.
  • Loveee

    By Coolnessbro
    I absolutely love his music. He has the voice of an angel sent from heaven♥️♥️
  • Amazing!

    By Cowmoo11
    Drew has an amazing voice that is different and new! He has accomplished so much and continues to surprise me with his talent and enthusiasm! Way to go Drew, you have a bright future!
  • Great Music

    By Fgjjytresaxvbkioiut
    Drew Jacobs, one of the best out there. He’s gonna be big!
  • ❤️💖💎

    By Redneck_lizzy
    He does it again. He haves incredible voice and I’m happy he is releasing new stuff. 💞