Love Story - Tim McGraw User Reviews

  • Bring back the real McGraw

    By notaperfectpilot
    The amount of emotion that Tim put into these songs just floors me every time I hear one of them! The album is all about its title, "Love Story" and each song thoroughly carries that theme. But, every one of these songs are old Tim McGraw style, a bit different from latest releases. Great collection of songs, but let's hear some more new songs that have the McGraw we used to know!
  • Curb are scum!!!

    By Lilycraig17901
    Really,I hope the Tim McGraw fans don't buy this it wasn't released by Tim McGraw it was released by some scum record people to make money please don't but this please!!!
  • Amazing

    By Jimmy pizza 124356
    There's not a bad song on this album! They are all great!!
  • Curb why'd you do it

    By Jet2427
    My gosh I've heard so many of Tim mcgraw's songs and thanks to curb, they practically ruined Tim, I just don't understand why they would think anyone would buy these songs!
  • Misses the mark and it's not because of the music.

    By Enormous Bison
    This album was not released by Tim McGraw. It was released by Curb Records to try to keep making money off of the singer that left the label because of the way they treated him. Now they are just releasing this to spite him. I would hope the many Tim McGraw fans out there would realize this and not purchase the album.
  • Shameful!!!!

    By KaraokeKing170
    Curb Records should be ashamed of releasing this album. Two "new" songs might be included but they sound like they've sat on their shelf collecting dust forever. What About You was recorded by Sons Of The Desert first and it's a better version than this.
  • Disappointed

    By Omgosher
    This record label is going to single handily ruin what career is left of him. He's becoming to industry and it's obvious. He is slowly washing away, this album was great back then, it's time to release NEW MUSIC. Come on record executive's what are y'all doing?!
  • The Tim McGraw I Miss

    By CountryPerspective
    Curb Records is horrible. But these songs are WAY better than the other crap he has put out like "Lookin' For That Girl." Why did you have to sell out to pop Tim? Songs like "Stars Go Blue" are what your old fans loved. Signed, -Ex Tim McGraw Fan
  • Really, Curb?

    I mean… this is becoming truly pathetic. The fact that there are entire websites out there dedicated to showing how evil this record label is, maybe it was stupid of me to expect them to finally leave Tim McGraw alone. I hope he just laughs this off. And at least we get two new songs. It's a good compilation, but its intent is absurd.

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