Luv Is Rage 2 - Lil Uzi Vert User Reviews

  • Terrible

    By Cameron_1237
    Mumble rap. Enough said.
  • Breave?

    By Anthonyseabass724
    Or breathe? Lol
  • This sh*t is garbage

    By IamPacMan4Life
    This sh*t is garbage. Its sound like it was recorded on a cellphone. Straights trash . Beats awful music weak. I cant i tried but i cant. Awful.
  • liluzivert

    By mckenziie💞
    BABYYYYY. i love you soo much😊❤️❤️❤️
  • ???

    By Futbolslick
    Wait...... I thought auto tune went out a while back. I mean if it’s one song on an album then that’s fine I guess. Using it for every song on every album though.....??? Getting a record deal these days is like buying a bag of chips at 7-11, everyone and their mom has one, it’s actually pretty sad. I think it’s hilarious seeing people write “GOAT”.
  • Amazing.

    By Camryn mcknight
    Favorite song is the way life goes
  • 🌎☄️🦇

    By WildCaff
    Uzi really outdid himself with this one. This is by far his best album. "Unfazed" is straight 🔥!
  • Garbage

    By Michael£
    This is pure trash, stop trying to be something you’re not
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    By Humnilins
    Best album of the year in my opinion.
  • Please

    By 116ATWT
    Read Matthew 3:2 For your own good, please look it up. Jesus died to save you and me. Repent and be saved. He changed my life, he can change yours.

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