Maiden England '88 (Live) - Iron Maiden User Reviews

  • One of the Best Live albums I’ve heard

    By Eddietherattlehead
    I know some people don’t like it, but have you seen the songs on this album!? Still Life, Killers, The prisoner, and to top it off the best version of Moonchild in my opinion!
  • Companion to Live After Death

    By Sta-Prest
    Great energy from UK crowd. Band at zenith of 80s output. Killers.
  • Live Stuff

    By Nicko's Gong
    Personally all the live stuff is too much for me but for fans who can't make it to see that particular tour it's a way for them to at least hear the show they missed I think that the live stuff should be marked way down in price upon release seeing as how it's nowhere near studio quality

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