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  • this is horrible. This album called me a f*ggot

    By Abel Rodriguez🤓
    I was personally harassed by this album.
  • Love-Hate Relationship with MDNA

    By Dolllover22
    I've been a fan of Madonna's ever since I heard Borderline (on a station in 2012). Okay, maybe I'm not a life-long fan (I'm not old enough to be) but she is still my all-time favorite artist. That being said, I don't know what to think of MDNA. After her departure from Warner, she turns out this record which makes her look like she needs Warner to make a hit, Now. I'm far enough into the future after this that another album of hers has been released, and this certainly isn't true, but this is sad. Despite the undeniable hints of sheer brilliance, there is a lingering feel of pure desperation throughout the album, almost as if that was what she was going for. The crazy near-tear vocals in Some Girls and by far the worst track on the album, Superstar (and I can still stand to listen to it, so this is definitely not bad), depict Madonna as either a real housewife or a granny who still clings to her heyday (which she certainly is not). Give Me All Your Luvin', despite being somewhat better than Superstar, is a huge offender, showing Madonna as a ditz with no substance, destroying her image from the True Blue-Confessions eras. These below are the best of the album- Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang I'm Addicted Turn Up the Radio Love Spent I'm A Sinner Masterpiece Falling Free
  • Queen of Pop is Back

    By Cadenf12
    This album is one of my personal favorite works from Madonna. I like all of the songs in it and have heard it beginning to end over one hundred times. The tour that went along with this album was one of the highest grossing tours of all time. I highly recommend this album.
  • Madonna never depressed

    By Kitkat0500
    Her songs are all good and how will be happend
  • Girl Gone Wild

    By oceansoflovewi
    This track alone gives this album, every, freaking, star! Unbelievable track. It matches the iconic Vogue to me. So underrated too. Ill never forget this playing in the club 3 years ago and my whole group of friends getting on the dance block at the club to this song. Music video playing on projector, people dancing in cage, on their knees on the dance block, energetic, sultry, I'm a gay man, my lesbian friend would go wild and kiss me to it. lol Besides S&M it was always the finalee song to the night! Amazing. Just amazing. This is one of the top songs of my 20's
  • Woahhhhh....

    By RiTchieboii
    Honestly I fell in love with this album after I saw her MDNA Tour!! I'm addicted Love Spent wow!! Go Madonna!!!
  • Love spent

    By Milad90s
    Great album! Luv it
  • Goes Deeper Every Time I Listen to It

    By suzieqtruth
    At first I thought it was just pop fun and old territory. I fell in love with "I'm Addicted" "Turn up the Radio" and "I'm a Sinner". And I'm sure fools will mock her playfulness in Superstar and B-day just like they did when she rhymed New York with Dork. But the lyrics in "Masterpiece" and "Falling Free" are some of the best lyrics of any songwriter period. "Falling Free" is the only song I know where the lyrics apply equally to falling in love and breaking up. Stunning. Her artistry is in top form. She is giving out samples of her DNA. This album's beauty and complexity juxtaposed with the seemingly simple bouncy sexy bad girl blond reveals what I've known for a long time: Madonna is much smarter than we credit her and she is taking us to Higher Ground without our even knowing it. Give her music all your Love and you'll be rewarded for it.
  • D for effort

    By petercpaulin
    This album felt rushed, overproduced, and not sincere from Madonna. Sticky & Sweet was pretty generic, but this album to me has no heart and soul aside from tracks "Falling Free" and "Masterpiece". It lacks cohesion has too many different types of sounds that don't work well together. I feel like she was too busy pursuing non-music endeavors that she wasn't giving this album her all, and the music reflects that unfortunately.
  • Iconic

    By Living for rebel heart
    This album is completely underrated! It's amazing and just like 2003 American life it will withstand time... It's not always about sales for her, I think she can release whatever she wants and still feel completely comfortable that she got the message she wanted out! Follow this pop princesses. The queen may not be the most popular but when she speaks her kingdom listens!

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