Mdna - Madonna

Mdna - Madonna


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-01-01
  • Explicitness: cleaned
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

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Mdna - Madonna User Reviews

  • Luv It

    By Stacey Hrapchak
    I love Madonna and I love every single song by her! My fav on this album is Girl Gone Wild GO MADONNA The one and only Queen
  • For me, it's a flop

    By palebeachbum
    After listening to every song on the track, I can't help but think Madonna is grasping at straws trying to keep her career together. This album seems like a somewhat desperate attempt. I'm a huge fan and have been for the last 20yrs, but it's kind of funny to me... funny odd, that is, that she was provocative for so long, had her first child and mellowed out noticeably for awhile, and now here she is in her 50's with some of her most "interesting" song titles like Gang Bang, Girl Gone Wild, and I F'd Up. Coming from a woman in her 50's, it's just kind of tragic and awkward, even if she still looks great. Aside from this troubling bit, the music itself is pretty flat and uninspiring. The only song I moderately like is Girl Gone Wild. I suspect I like it simply because it sounds like 80's new wave, disco, and something modern rolled into one. Have you noticed how she's been collaborating with newer and younger artists the last 10yrs or so when she really hadn't done that before? There's a reason. Madonna is a smart business woman. She's got some stiff competition these days, and sadly, she's not getting any younger. Sorry Madonna, but the songs on this album are lackluster, thereby deeming this album a flop in my book.
  • <3 IT

    By Normas2
    actually the only good songs are the ones with nicki minaj, aka my FAVE artist!! XD

    By Danny and Joey
    Shes great!!!! MDNA 4EVER!!!!
  • 🚑 MDOA

    By mykerossi

    By sweetntoxic2223
    Check out the videos for some of these hits.....mmmmmmmmmAdonnabulous!
  • Great !!!!

    By darthshervin
    it was the best album of madonna MDNA WAS great
  • <3

    By gaga love1
    Before judgeing this album remember that Madonna changes with every album so comparing her to her other albums would more or less be injustice not saying that they are bad or this one is bad but u get the idea MY faves are Girl Gone Wild , Masterpiece(This song is soooooo gud da best eva :) ), Gimme all ur lovin(its ok a nice comeback :P )
  • Yet another great CD

    By Amr9
    Masterpiece track is the best with no doubt! Sound like the old song…."You'll see"
  • ...its fun to dance to

    By Gabrul
    Only 3 stars because its full of club, dance, party songs which i love....but all of them sound the same :-/

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