MDNA World Tour - Madonna User Reviews

  • Awful recording

    By Arnold.I
    Sound is terrible. Oh my gosh! I can't believe this is so bad. This is so wrong. It sounds fake, auto tuned, over edited...
  • Boring......

    By italian78
    What about going back to making good music.....
  • Disappointed by Crowd Sounds

    By Psion
    5 Stars for Madonna, Zero for annoying crowd sounds = 3 stars. I really enjoyed this concert and we managed to be in the 2nd row. The crowd sounds RUIN this album. It's annoying white noise, overshadowing the music. Some of the bass sounds distorted as well. It's like they stood in the audience and recorded this as a bootleg - it's that loud and annoying. It's still nice to have as a memento of the time I spent my entire tax return on tickets for me and my husband... lol.... but I just wish I could listen to it more than on shuffle or occasionally. Too messy. Too bad.
  • Amazing

    By Meirala3
    She's still amazing! One of the best albums and tours I've seen. Loved everything about it!!
  • A-Mazing!

    By Phxadguy
    Who doesn't love Madonna! She re-invents her creativity and originality while always staying true to her message!
  • Redundant

    By Deyvid Thompson
    Madonna's irrelevancy level is off the charts.
  • Painful

    By garethusa
    Oh my ears. Thank goodness I didn't pay money to see this live!
  • A great way to remember the experience

    By blizzardblue
    It is not the best recording (sound-wise) of a Madonna show, that goes to Confessions & Sticky & Sweet tours, but i love it nontheless.
  • Doesn't do it for me

    By TuRnT uP Ho-mie
  • she is THE QUEEN!!!!!!!

    By noodles557
    Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen…..and she is the Queen!!!!!!!!!

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