Memento Mori - Gemini Syndrome User Reviews

  • Expanding Sound

    By Demon Vengeance
    First saw the video for Anonymous on youtube and I was impressed, then I saw the video for Remember We Die maybe a month or two after and I was sold!! Remember We Die is in my top 5 fav songs of all time for the message it conveys! Keep rockin hard Gemini Syndrome you guys are amazing!
  • Wow

    By Nipple Flap
    I never write reviews but this band is amazing both studio and live performances are one and the same which is rare to find these days with all of the sell out so called metal music..these 2 albums have well thought out lyrics and incredible instrumental and vocal talent..this band is going to be huge!!!!
  • Been a fan since 2013

    This band is so underrated!! This new album is incredible!!!
  • Since the beggening

    By Leonardo-tristian
    I've followed these guys since their first album and to be honest they've got better and better finding their style It's at the point I feel they are so recognizable by the vocalist its like volbeat were u automatically know who it is Great work guys
  • Amazing Band!

    By RayGar
    These guys are the best new metal band to come around for a long time! Great vocals, inspiring lyrics, incredible guitars, every thing you could want in a band. I can honestly say, I like every single song they've released to date. Seen them live last month, opening for Sevendust. They stole the show IMO. We just bought tickets to see them again in February. Can't wait! Musical perfection!
  • Wow! Freakin' Sweet

    By eddietmaiden1000
    These guys rock \m/
  • Amazing!!

    By Karissa1012
    Absolutely amazing album!! Beautiful written and composed! These guys are definitely going somewhere with this one! Killer work!!
  • In love

    By Shostakovich❤️
    Great messages in the songs. Amazing sound! Great album
  • One of the best new bands

    By Amonkeybutt77
    My transition into metal has been slow in my short 21 years on this planet, starting from awesome bands like The Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam when I was younger. Gradually I included stuff like TOOL and Rage Against the machine. In high school I found Periphery, Haarp Machine and Animals as Leaders. Gemini Syndrome has got to be my best random YouTube finds. They hang in there with all of the above and then some. A positive message coupled with a mega talented band and lead singer honestly makes them one of the best out there in my opinion. Highly underrated. This newest album knocks it out of the park, with Remember We Die gut punching me right in the feels. Seriously. If you're having a hard time out there in the world, you need this band. I really feel like they're genuine people, otherwise their music wouldn't be this good.
  • 🤘

    By pana2211