Mercury Lane - Jimmie Allen User Reviews

  • Amazing

    By bfHfhe
    I love the song best shot. It is my favorite song out of the whole album. He has a beautiful voice and great tempo. The songs are beautiful and made from experiences of life.
  • Sorry but your pop dude.

    By allbfrt
    You just jumped on the pop fake country bandwagon with fgl, kane brown, brett young, etc. Just say your pop and do us all a favor.
  • Dang it’s hottt!! This guy is rockin Country

    By hkhour2
    This album is so amazing! The lyrics and songs are contemporary and upbeat. That’s how I like my country. I support this guy! Go Jimmie!!!!
  • Creative

    By #HuntingLove
    I love this man. His songs are so awesome and I love the diversity between his songs. They’re also very independent or original I guess. I know people say ‘this isn’t real country’ but it is. It’s just how much the country genre has changed.
  • Wow

    By agallanzo
    Yes he’s is talented, get on the train y’all!
  • Have this on repeat 24/7

    By Amanda0946
    Love, love, love this album. I listen to it from sun up to sun down and if you ever get a chance to see him live you will not regret it. Amazing singer, songwriter, and even better performer. This one’s for the underdogs Jimmie! 🍻🤙🏼⚡️
  • When you got it, you got it!

    By Shelbyerz
    My daddy played county music his whole life. He used to tell us, when you hear it, you will know it. I heard the first single and thought wow! Who is THIS guy? Kudos for you on staying authentic! Love “Not all tractors are green”! It’s on my iTunes playlist! Keep doing you Jimmie!
  • My new favorite song

    By Overseas fan
    I heard this song “Best Shot” on the radio 3 weeks ago. The rythm and lyrics are fantastic. It instantly became my new favorite song. I immediately got the album and have listened to this song at least 80 times since. Play it on repeat 5-10 times whenever I listen to it. Thsnks Jimmie!
  • Great Song

    By 69Boogie
    Jimmy you’re breaking barriers, with your smooth tone. Keep up the good work, I’m buying the album.
  • Best shot

    By Dbro5150
    Best shot is the best song love it!!

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