Mercury Lane - Jimmie Allen User Reviews

  • Just love his voice!

    By oknewt
    Such a genuine country sound with passionate voice! My new fav and would love to see him in concert and plan to! Keep at it Jimmie👏🏻👏🏻 You are awesome!👍🏼
  • Beautiful

    By onlineshopperlocal
    Haters...back on you, times 3, of what you send out. Karma
  • Made me a BELIEVER!

    By NewLife111
    I LOVE BEST SHOT! I am not a traditional country music listener. I’ve listened to country music from afar for the past few years, BUT this guy “MADE ME A BELIEVER,” and pulled me in close! I wish the brotha ALL THE BEST!
  • Awesome!

    By Vparente
    This guy got real talent! Take the time to listen to the songs, they are definately worth listening to. I really don't understand where all the negative comments are coming from.
  • Biting Keith urban?

    By Cicero 35th
    This guys trash!!!
  • Pop country perfected

    By Shelly481
    You may be a traditional country music lover but Jimmie Allen has perfected the sound of new pop country. I love his voice & his passion for making sure the listener loves the songs. Can’t beat this guy’s music.
  • Amazing

    By bfHfhe
    I love the song best shot. It is my favorite song out of the whole album. He has a beautiful voice and great tempo. The songs are beautiful and made from experiences of life.
  • Sorry but your pop dude.

    By allbfrt
    You just jumped on the pop fake country bandwagon with fgl, kane brown, brett young, etc. Just say your pop and do us all a favor.
  • Dang it’s hottt!! This guy is rockin Country

    By hkhour2
    This album is so amazing! The lyrics and songs are contemporary and upbeat. That’s how I like my country. I support this guy! Go Jimmie!!!!
  • Creative

    By #HuntingLove
    I love this man. His songs are so awesome and I love the diversity between his songs. They’re also very independent or original I guess. I know people say ‘this isn’t real country’ but it is. It’s just how much the country genre has changed.