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  • A Lot Of Mediocrity Is Still Just Mediocrity

    By himynameisbrent
    First, let me establish that I have been a rabidly obsessive Madonna loyalist for thirty years. But Miles Away is a middling song, at best. And having nine different versions of it doesn't make it any more compelling. I dare anyone to put this on endless repeat and see how long they can listen to it before they want to stuff roasted peanuts in their ears.
  • love it

    By D haywood
    love it
  • okay

    By Remix Enthusiast
    I though the Aaron LaCrate & Samir mix was just straight up hilarious. The style clashes with the song in a way that still leaves it enjoyable. But, overall, I preferred the Johnny Vicious remixes, especially the Warehouse Mix.
  • Finally.....The Best Tune from Hard Candy Remixed

    By Hubbell
    Each mix on this CD offers a different sounding version of an amazingly beautiful Madonna song. Vocally, I think it is her best work since What It Feels Like For A Girl. Miles Away was by far the best number at her Sticky and Sweet Concert. The best $8.99 I've spent in months!!!!
  • Great... but WHY so long?!

    By tndem1219
    Seriously iTunes, Madonna realeased this song months ago. She already has new original music coming out, and we're just getting this cd? Anyway- My favorites and the Johnny Vicious Club Mix, Mogan Page Remix, and Rebirth Remix. All sound different and add nice stuff to the original version of the song. Kinda dissapointed in the TWD Remix, because I'm usually a fan of Jacques Lu Cont's stuff, but this one doesn't do it for me. Overal, a really nice remix ep.
  • COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Bacon boy rocks
    AWSOMELY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Madonna Does It Again!

    By Jesse Tunison
    Madonna never disappoints me. I thank her for that. Another great batch of songs worth every penny spent.

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