Moments: Mighty Sound (Live) - Bethel Music User Reviews

  • Musiclover

    By CLBssp
    This album lets you go back to your first love and draws you into God’s presence! Highly recommended!

    By Alby19777
    This album is an amazing experience that will bless each listener so much! Definitely one of the best albums this year!
  • Amazing!!!!

    By GreatnessLikeNoOneElse
    This album is beyond amazing!
  • ONE WORD...!

    By Mel-Don
  • Absolutely AMAZING!

    By _spenny
    The instrumental is by far my favorite number on the album... but the entire album is amazing! CAN WE HAVE MORE OF THIS???
  • I’ve been waiting for years for this!

    By DantheMan1985
    I’ve literally been saying for years that Bethel needed to put out an album of their spontaneous moments. These are often the most powerful moments of the worship time and many of the new songs we sing end up coming from these times. Thank you Bethel Music for finally being willing to put this out there!
  • Thankful to have heard this.

    By guynameddavid
    True depth of music. Inspiring and after listening you end up feeling built up again. Honestly, I never leave a good review without feedback areas for improvement, but this doesn’t need any improvement. ‘Like a Flood’ blows me away cause it challenges convention by turning up the audience response mics in the mix so you feel like you are right there with them....amazing.
  • Odd Album

    By NoCondemnation
    I'm not even sure why you'd want this. This is just purely their spontaneous moments. You can't reproduce a spontaneous moment. They are now trying to sell moments of the Holy Spirit that you can never experience unless you were actually there. Didn't buy it and won't buy it. Pretty useless album.
  • Thankful. Happy Dance.

    By SSB18
    Thank you for listening. I've asked for and suggested this for years. You all have been pillars of spontaneous worship for over a decade, at least. This album is much anticipated, needed, and akin to your nature, Bethel. Don't stop. Bring more of these, especially you--JAJ (Jenn, Amanda, and Jeremy). Happy dance!
  • Wow🙌🏼

    By NickBecker97
    Worship like it should be

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