Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film Moulin Rouge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists User Reviews

  • Roxanne!!

    By Ice Ninja Wolf
    I love Roxane. I watch these animations and I watched one made by GinjaNinjaOwO and she made an animation map and I can’t stop watching it. It was a Warrior Cat M.A.P.
  • I CAVED!

    By Tails_Super7
    I bought the entire album for one song!
  • You don’t wanna make money?

    By Megalotto
    Separate the songs you monster!!
  • I love moulin rouge

    By atiredgirl
    I love moulin rouge! But I would love to have most the songs and not the entire album.
  • Get over it

    By Younngguns
    This isn’t your favorite bands album. It’s a movie soundtrack. How else would they make money off of it by selling single songs?
  • Ignore The Whiners

    By Maijstral
    Ignore all the over-entitled whiners on this. These people need to understand that the world doesn't revolve around their petty selfishness and if they can't be botherd to spend six bucks for an amazing album, they can just watch ads on YouTube or something.

    By JD2028
    Totally worth the purchase, you’ll find some incredible tracks that you didn’t know you wanted, and will want to see the film all over again.
  • the price doesn’t matter

    By LaurexFan2012
    okay people whine about the price but there are 15 songs for 5.99, and every song in this movie/musical is so fantastic.
  • Not fair

    By KnownLuna
    I will not pay 9 dollars for songs that I don’t like. I only want El Tango de Roxanne. I am not doing business with you, you won’t get money from me.
  • put if up tango de Roxanne for singe sale

    By 123Unhappy456
    After watching the winter olymics I wanted to purchase this song!! I am not going to buy the whole album.... I think a lot of people would buy this song!!

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