Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film Moulin Rouge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists User Reviews

  • put if up tango de Roxanne for singe sale

    By 123Unhappy456
    After watching the winter olymics I wanted to purchase this song!! I am not going to buy the whole album.... I think a lot of people would buy this song!!
  • My Favorite Album of All Time!

    By Alichel09
    There are only a couple songs that I'm not crazy in love with but that pales in comapission to the never ending love i have for this movie's soundtrack. The love ballades, the solos and duets, the fun group songs; each and every one has you feeling the miriad of emotions you go through in reltionships. Ewan Mcgregor rocks my world.
  • Still?

    By Merc88
    They still selling this where you have to buy the whole albumn.... so old a strategy....I like a few of the songs but not gonna but the whole thing... how 80"s...
  • Individual song purchases, please!

    By Me me
  • Best

    By blanchardwasrobbed
    Best modern movie soundtrack of past 20 years. Brilliance at its finest.
  • 1 song please

    By Pray, for God shall answer...
    Great album but I just wanted El Tango de Roxanne
  • Negative stars!!!!

    By Puntin <3"s Beastie
    Don’t even think of buying this crap. IT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK!!!! Do not waste your money like I did.

    By Aiko Moon
    All I want is Elephant Love Medley so I just want them individually please. It would be so much better ♥️♥️♥️
  • Single song purchase please!!!

    By Mckatniss
    Single Song purchase please!!!! I just want your song!
  • One song is all I want!

    By Jessieca21