Nashville Rebel - Waylon Jennings User Reviews

  • A Lost Classic Found

    By 12stringer
    This album is the soundtrack for the movie "Nashville Rebel", made in 1966 and starring Waylon. He played a character named Arlin Grove, who was just out of the Army and looking to break into the Nashville scene as a recording artist. Waylon always hated his performance in the film and for a long time refused to perform live any of the soundtrack's tunes. The soundtrack alone makes the film worth seeing to listen to gems such as Nashville Bum, Silver Ribbons and Green River.
  • Arguably his best work.

    By Game Delivers
    Nashville Rebel showcases everything Waylon Jennings had to offer (which is a lot). Literally every song on this album is a classic. Spanish Penthouse Instrumental is a creative masterpiece and the beauty of Lang's Mansion Instrumental will give you goosebumps. A must have album for anyone claiming to be a Waylon Jennings fan.

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